Top 11 Must Watch Punjabi Web Series

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | November 27, 2019

If you’re bored of flipping through TV channels, check out the list of Punjabi Web Series available online. From romantic, comedy to action, these series demonstrate in every type of genre. Compelling stories, strong characters, and impact-worthy dialogues keep you glued to such widely popular digital series. Furthermore, to filter your search for best Punjabi serials, we have compiled a list of the ten most-loved shows which you should not miss out on. With a powerful dose of entertainment, it offers an enriching experience.

List of Best Web Series in Punjabi

1. Ishq De Bulle

ishq de bulle punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Romantic8.9Bunty Jandwalia6Youtube17-45 Minutes

Story Overview: High on romance, love, humour and thrill, it is the leading Punjabi web series. It displays an impelling story of a group of friends. The show’s theme is so real and believable that you readily get connected to it.

Review: It marks the best ever official web series on YouTube, and is the most favourite of Punjabi lovers. Don’t forget to hear the title track of the show that has won hearts all across the globe. Binge watch with your gang of your friends!

Cast: Maninder Singh, Hashneen chauhan, Jugraj Sandhu, Taranjeet kaur, Harkawaljeet Singh, Samar Manhotra, Deep Rajput, Guntaz


2. Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree

yaar jigree kasooti degree punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Comedy-Drama8.5Rabby Tiwana13Youtube26-40 Minutes

Story Overview: The show demonstrates the exciting life of college students. It deals with their day-to-day encounters with different kinds of people and situation.

Review: The series turns out to be the first officially successful Punjabi web series. With millions of viewers, the show becomes the highest followed among the lot. The exhilarating music also contributes in its utmost accomplishment.

Cast: Pukhraj Bhalla, Karan Sandhawalia, Sukhdeep Sapra, Jasmine Bajwa

3. Veera

veera punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Drama4Amrider Goraya4Youtube11-13 Minutes

Story Overview: It is a story of a young and beautiful girl, Veera who gets married to an elderly man. Everything goes well until the night, when the man fails to meet the girl’s physical needs. She then moves to a youthful lad of the village and eventually falls in love with her.

Review: The short series put forth a very strong message. It chalks out the spread of male dominance in the society where women aren’t supposed to utter a word. Furthermore, Sonia Kaur (Veera) plays a central character with much ease and affection. Overall, it’s a nice and pleasing show to watch. Also, it left you pondering who opened the window in the concluding episode!

Cast: Gurjind Maan, Sonia Kaur, Daman Kaur, Charanjit Sandhu


4. Gangland in Motherland

gangland in motherland punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Action-Drama8Gabbar Sangrur5Youtube26-35 Minutes

Story Overview: The topical series highlights the tormenting gang culture spreading across Punjab. Furthermore, it presents the truth or reality of the world about how youth is driven to forbidden activities.

Review: The subject is quite intriguing and intense. The execution and action is breathtakingly awesome. It has fast become a hot favourite series among the Punjabi viewers. The show’s unparalleled success has made the Punjabi Movie Industry more confident about taking up the digital world.

Cast: Nishawn Bhullar, Yaad Grewal, Victor John, Vadda Grewal, Navdeep Kaler, Mehtab Virk, Param Baidwan, Japji Khaira


5. I No Angreji

i no angreji punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Coemdy7.9Gurlove Singh Ratol10Youtube16-23 Minutes

Story Overview: It’s a hilarious take on Punjabi youth inclined to move abroad. Set in an IELTS institute, the story revolves around a flock of misfits who wish to settle in abroad but lack command over English language.

Review: Since it is based out on the current going situation of Punjab, it is quite believable and connected. Full of comedy, it is a must-watch if you or your friend aspires to fly overseas.

Cast: Aarzoo Nagpal, Amit Singh Andotra, Ashmaya Yadav, Aviral Gupta, Avisaar Rivini Kepila, Charanpreet Maan, Harshveer Kaur, Kulwant Singh Dhillon, Manpreet Singh, Mintu Kapa, Ravi Badshami, Sukhbir Gill.


6. Warning

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Action7.7Amar HundalN/AYoutube22-25 Minutes

Story Overview: High on action, it is a story of an emerging gangster against an established mobster. The former eagerly desires to turn into an outrageous gangster and make potential attempts to become one.

Review: Written and produced by Gippy Grewal, the series is well-crafted to seek the attention of the public at large. It has all the elements to make it an extremely captivating show. With quite an engaging and fresh concept, Warning web series is becoming popular across different age group people.

Cast:  Prince K J, Mahabir Bhullar, Ashish Duggal, Aman Kotish


7. Chandigarh Dreams

chandigarh dreams punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Drama7.5Vicky Baba8Youtube8-20 Minutes

Story Overview: Quite a fascinating story that revolves around the group of young people who studies and lives in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. It displays how they struggle to achieve the expectations of their families and fulfilling their own dreams alongside.

Review: It is a compelling story with an ensemble cast. You must watch it if you ever dream of studying or staying in Chandigarh. It acquaints well with all the appealing aspects of the city with fascinating antics and day to day situations.

Cast: Kiranjit Kaur, Rajinder Singh, AJ Sandhu, Shalini


8. Fookrey

fookrey punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Drama7.1Kamal Dhawan5Youtube10-20 Minutes

Story Overview: A unique story deals in love, friendship and religion. It revolves around a small group of friends belonging to different religions. How they manage to disseminate a lesson to respect love over religion comprises the theme of the show.

Review: Powerful subject laced in series of emotions. You can watch it if you’re looking for a distinctive and extraordinary narrative.

Cast: Tarun Sikka, Vishal Kapoor, Lovedeep Kaushal, Chirag Verma, Vibhor Sharma


9. Sleepless Nights

sleepless nights punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Drama- Thriller6.5Sahil Dev7Youtube11-20 Minutes

Story Overview: The story revolves around the young couple. From cheerful and extremely loving, the story takes up a tragic turn that alters the life of the two.

Review:  It delivers a strong social message about the ever rising gap between today’s parents and children. Thus, makes it a family show where every member plays a substantial role.

Cast: Varun Singh Chawla, Karan Dev Jagota, Sunil Joshi, Amarpreet Kaur, Surleen Kaur, Vikas Sharma


10. Bhola Banuga Star

bhola banuga star punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Comedy5.2Kamal Lehal9Youtube19-32 Minutes

Story Overview: The story revolves around the young village lad who aspires to become a popular singer. He goes every length to bag a title of best singer once in his life. His daily grind to achieve his dream constitute the main plot of the Punjabi show.

Review: It enjoys a decent viewership, and credit goes to the cast as well as the dialogue writer. The effective execution further adds to its success. If you’re also toiling to catch your dreams, you should watch this Punjab series.

Cast: Amana Chairman, Gurwinder Gill, Bhaana Sidhu, ProducerDxx


11. Hardcore Sharabi

hardcore sharabi punjabi web series

GenreRatingDirectorNo. of EpisodesAvailable onRunning Time
Drama5Kunwar Raj Singh5Youtube5-8 Minutes

Story Overview: A youth-oriented show that revolves around a young village boy who is an alcoholic. He is fond of theatre-acting and never avoids any chance to display his skills while encountering different life situations.

Review: A light-hearted show packed with innumerable fun antics and comedy punches. If you’re bored of your hectic schedules, take a break, and watch this hilarious life story of hardcore sharabi.

Cast: Gurasis Singh, Mohit Sharma, Subeg Singh Bhogal, Gagandeep Kaur, Palak Sharma, Bimalpreet Kaur


Without a doubt, the Punjabi Entertainment Industry has really amplified its digital game! Thanks to YouTube and affordable internet facilities. It displays a plenty of great shows for free on several over-the-top digital platforms. Watch them anywhere and anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Stream now!

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