About Us

Punjabi Pollywood is an all-inclusive entertainment website catering colossal span of Pollywood buffs. Spearheaded by the young lad Harwinder Singh (an IT graduate), the site provides the power dose of showbiz to the Pollywood aficionados. Commenced as a small start-up, a social-media page in 2011, the thought to turn it into a comprehensive website unleashed in 2012. Since then, it is the most promising digital destination for the Punjabi industry, comprising entertainment, music culture, celebrity talk, movies, fashion, gossips, and news. At Punjabi Pollywood, a host of writers, reporters, and editors strive to display an impactful spread of news stories on a regular basis. From established celebrities to newbies artists and from exciting scoops to amusing stories, the website is ardently committed to delivering a comprehensive overview of the information that captivates the attention of a millennial crowd. The idea behind developing the website is to present the Pollywood followers with an exclusively dedicated platform and essential updates about the industry.

Meet the Brainchild

Spearheaded by the young lad Harwinder Singh (an IT graduate), the website is readily accessible and is having more than two lac regular visitors. The site is popular not only across India, US, Canada, Australia, but twenty more nations. The founder of the site visions to take it on the highest notch by 2034, the year that marks the significant completion of 100 years of Punjabi Cinema. The sole aim is to promote the Punjabi Film Industry world-wide as well as forming a compelling platform to connect the Punjabi community at large. Running successfully for the profound love of cinema, the website has embraced all the latest news and Pollywood extravaganza to acquaint readers with the wholesome experience in a single click!