Ki Banu Punia Da

By Gurpreet Kaur | February 26, 2022

ki banu punia da web series

Ki Banu Punia Da Web Series

Ki Banu Punia Da is a Punjabi web series streaming on the Youtube channel from 12th March 2022. Also, Smeep Kang serves as the director and producer of the comedy-drama show. Moreover, Rajan Aggarwal writes a fun-filled story and screenplay. In addition, Prasen Films Pvt. Ltd. & Smeep Kang Productions take the credit to present the show. Next, Jaswinder Bhalla, Babbal Rai, Saira, Arsh Kahlon, Dilawar Sidhu, Akshita Sharma, Chandan Gill, and Smeep Kang form an integral cast of the YouTube web show.

Ki Banu Punia Da Story

The plot revolves around a father (played by Jaswinder Bhalla) and a son (played by Babbai Rai). The former fixes the latter’s wedding without his consent. However, the son Rajvir falls in love with some girl while staying up at his maternal house. When he returns back home he faces the opposition of his father in regard to marrying the girl Rajvir adored. Watch the series to know will Rajvir be able to convince his father or not.

Ki Banu Punia Da Cast

  • Jaswinder Bhalla
  • Babbal Rai
  • Saira
  • Smeep Kang
  • Akshita Sharma
  • Dilawar Sidhu
  • Arsh Kahlon
  • Chandan Gill

Ki Banu Punia Da Episodes

Ki Banu Punia Da Review

The master of comedy, Jaswinder Bhalla makes this comedy show much more entertaining and amusing. His acting skills are unmatchable and the energy he brings to the screen is truly captivating. Besides him, Babbal Rai, and Arsh Kahlon look pretty together. They perform well. Next in line, Smeep Kang perfectly plays the role of Rajvir’s Mamaji. His acting, direction, and production skills are just flawless. The story of the series is full of laughter punches with lot of drama happening all around. Overall, a nice show that keeps you hooked till the last moment.

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