‘Udta Punjab ‘ No….No….Its ‘Asli Punjab‘



Punjab has been the field that has been always fighting against the evil. But yet many issues are there that has to be resolved. The major issue of Punjab has been picturized in the Bollywood movie ‘Udta Punjab ‘in 2016 that unleashed the drug abuse in the Indian state of Punjab. After its major success, many directors and producers have been looking forward to highlight the other issues faced by Punjab.

Similarly, Avtesh Brar production associated with Kulwinder Chaohan and Davinder Brar are all together set to heat up the Punjabi Screen with their new movie that has been titled as “Asli Punjab”. This film will highlight some out of the track issues that the people of Punjab are facing these days. The movie has been star cast by the young and talented people like Davinder Brar, Zafar Khan, Dheeraj Kumar, Malkeet Rauni, Nirmal Rishi, and many more. The story of the film has been based on the real incidents and pen down by the director himself, Mr Davinder Brar. ‘Desi Look, Pendu Challey, Youngster akhwaunde ne …..’ …..like it? You will love it more when you will have a look at the trailer of the movie ‘Asli Punjab ‘.

The film will surely give you the high voltage energy of ‘Punjabi Mandeer’. Keep following people for the more entertainment along with information because ‘Asli Punjab ‘will really unleash the actual status of Punjab soon near your theaters.



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