Warning 2 Review: A Riveting Tale of Action & Revenge

By Gurpreet Kaur | February 2, 2024

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Warning 2 Movie Review

Today marks the much-anticipated release of the Punjabi film, Warning 2, gracing the silver screens. Led by Gippy Grewal, Jasmin Bhasin, and Prince Kanwaljit Singh, this action-thriller is skillfully crafted by director Amar Hundal. Furthermore, it unveils a captivating narrative complemented by powerhouse performances. Dive into the Warning 2 movie review for an in-depth exploration of this cinematic experience!

warning 2 review Story Scan

The storyline resumes instantly where it left off, as Geja (Gippy Grewal) finds himself confined in a prison, driven by the relentless pursuit of killing Pamma. Within the prison’s walls, Geja encounters a host of enemies, each endeavoring the ambition to dethrone him from his position in the criminal underworld.

As the narrative progresses, characters portrayed by Jasmin Bhasin, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Rahul Dev, Raghveer Boli, Dheeraj Kumar, Jaggi Singh, and Malkeet Rauni seamlessly weave into the plot, steering it toward its climax.

The pondering question is whether Geja will be overthrown from his throne and if Pamma can successfully navigate the intricate web that Geja has spun. Watch the movie to know the answer!

Performance Pitch

Kicking off, Gippy Grewal (Geja) steals the spotlight in the film with his dynamic punches and a compelling portrayal of a mute character. Moreover, he effortlessly embodies the role through impeccable acting, impressive physical prowess, and resolute intent. Adding to the ensemble, Prince KJ as Pamma emerges as the backbone of the movie. Indeed, he is delivering excellence in his intriguing and unconventional character. Meanwhile, Jasmine Bhasin surprises viewers with her remarkable and graceful performance. Beyond the leads, the supporting cast, including Rahul Dev, Raghveer Boli, Dheeraj Kumar, and Jaggi Singh, skillfully bring their roles to life.

Dialogues & Directions

Applauses for Gippy Grewal, the mastermind behind the story, screenplay, and dialogues. He has elevated Warning 2 to the pinnacle of Punjabi action cinema. Moreover, director Amar Hundal deserves accolades for achieving a harmonious execution and bringing a meticulously crafted concept to life. Furthermore, the film impeccably captures raw locales, costumes, lifestyles, weaponry, and cultural spirit, creating an authentic portrayal. In addition, special recognition to the Director of Photography, Baljeet Singh Deo, for contributing to the film’s visual excellence.


The film boasts a commendable musical score spearheaded by Avvy Sra and Mad Mix. Lyricists Happy Raikoti and JP47, in collaboration with singer Gippy Grewal, have crafted some captivating songs that seamlessly complement the storyline. Next, tracks like Chann, Devil, and Dead have already claimed top positions on the music charts, attesting to their popularity.

Vital Verdict

In summary, the film provides a complete entertainment package for action movie enthusiasts. Each sequence captivates with its thrill and suspense, keeping you hooked until the very last moment. In conclusion, the rebellious tale of Geja and Pamma leaves you with a sense of amazement. Don’t miss out—watch the best action Punjabi movie today!

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