In Toofan Singh, Ranjit Bawa brings Action in Bollywood Ishtyle

Based on the real life story of Shaheed Baba Jugraj Singh Toofan and his pursuit for justice and equality for all. Born in 1972 in Village Khuddi Cheema, Distt Gurdaspur, he was the only brother among five sisters and is known for his bravery and courage to stand against social ills like discrimination during the Sikh Freedom movement.


Ranjit Bawa, the superstar is portraying the courageous character of Toofan Singh starring opposite Shefali Sharma. Since the original village is developed now the cast and crew have been shooting in village Dhadak Kalan near Mohali. While shooting, cast still comes across many elderly Hindus who still become very emotional while talking about the legendary Toofan Singh and how he acted as a shield in the time of distress.

Produced by Royal Films UK, the movie is directed by Baghel Singh who has previously worked on many short films. The highlight of the movie is its action which is sure to set the movie apart from the comedy and drama releases of recent times. Ranjit Bawa confesses undergoing rigorous action trainings before the shoot. Abbas Ali Moghul is the man behind all the action sequences who has worked in the Bollywood action flicks like Bang Bang and Welcome Back.

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