Ranjit Bawa reacts on the ban of Toofan Singh

By Harpreet Singh | September 1, 2016

Ranjit Bawa’s debut movie Toofan Singh banned by censor board of India. Expressing their resentment, makers of the movie called upon a press conference at Chandigarh. Ranjit Bawa termed the ban as depressing news as his fans were waiting for the movie from a long time, but with ban everything gone in the vain. This also made necessary for me to start everything from beginning again. If this remains continue then it will be impossible to watch the Punjab’s history on screen, which will put off the young generation from its roots, expressed Bawa.


Makers of the movie also unhappy from board’s decision as they claim for the movie not to have anything which should be banned. They also urged for Punjabi Cinema to have its own censor board.

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