Why Mandy and Amrinder gill afraid ?

Mandy got immense popularity after Sardaar ji and Amrinder gill successfully earn the trust of an audience after giving Punjabi hit movie Angrej, but now both artists are living in the state of worry. Although Sardaar ji and Angrej were a blockbuster and achieved tons of profit according to box office report but which thing make them scared? It’s nothing but the reputation Mandy and Amrinder gained from the success.

Mandy Takhar and Amrinder Gill

Yes, Folks! Before Releasing Munde Kamaal De both of them were not found in a single event, According to Mandy Takhar Statement, “I was not available due to a busy schedule.” Where in one interview “She said In future I am focusing on signing quality movies only”. On the other hand, Amrinder Gill clearly mentioned on social account “I am not happy because releasing of Munde Kammal de is too early after Angrej. ” In other words, Both actors doesn’t want to tolerate with the success they achieved in a recent past. But they are promoting upcoming movies on social channels.

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