Trailer of movie Sardaar Ji 2: are there ‘2 Sardars’ ?

By Harpreet Singh | May 20, 2016

Promotion of movie Udta Punjab paid a lot of publicity at national level to its star Diljit Dosanjh. So, Dosanjh is back with bang in Punjabi cinema with his movie Sardaar Ji 2. Man known for his high energy is also putting new mile stones in Pollywood with his versatility.

Everyone remembers movie ‘Sardaar Ji’ in which Dosanjh lead a love triangle having one from them, a ghost Neeru Bajwa. DiljIt introduced the concept of ‘RAW’ in movie Ambarsariya; while his Hindi movie ‘Udta Punjab’ is revolving around the problem of drug menace. His movie Punjab 1984 raised the burning issue of the state, about the ridiculous genocide during the painful chapters of 80’s. Also time to time, Dosanjh produces romantic and comedy movies with different castes, thus so much of versatility and changes but one leading face ‘DiljIt Dosanjh’.

Trailer of movie ‘Sardaar Ji 2’ launched, if we watch the trailer of movie ‘Sardaarji 2’, then we find a new avatar of Dosanjh, having fit and muscular body. Trailer of the movie ‘Sardaarji 2’ also shows it is going to present the image of a Punjabi farmer but in a new way. As the tagline of the movie Sardaarji 2 is: “Kisaan di zindagi vich entertainment vi bhut zaroori hai”. Movie trailer, also shows how a farmer enjoying his life but because of a debt of Rs 1.5 crore, young farmer Diljit Dosanjh has to leave his country and to go Australia.

The biggest challenge of movie Sardaarji 2 is the use of the term “Safal Kisaan”. Because normally movies use to highlight the pitiful condition of Punjabi farmers, struggling in their lives. But trailer of movie Sardaarji 2 also showcases the incredible work by young farmer Dosanjh, as he is being interviewed in a television show for producing unbelievable variety of vegetables having very huge size. We see such news or pictures in the newspapers but really very new for laughing punches in Pollywood.

Trailer of movie Sardaarji 2 has one big twist which is: is there two Sardars in the movie Sardaarji 2? Because before the trailer finishes, Diljit standing before us in two different casts. If this is the real twist of the movie Sardaarji 2, then this will add up another mile stone to the Punjabi entertainment industry. Because normally Pollywood doesn’t has the concept of resemblance.

Overall trailer of movie Sardaarji 2, make the expectations of fans and lovers of Punjabi cinema up, as the movie seems to have a lot of changes and new things for interesting gossips. Dosanjh is the most loved celebrities from Punjabi cinema, which can also be judged from the mega collections at box offices. Wishes a very good luck to the starcast of the team.

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