Shareek 2 Movie Review: It’s a Never-Seen-Before Family Revengeful Saga

By Gurpreet Kaur | July 8, 2022

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Shareek 2 Movie Review

The much-awaited sequel Shareek 2 hits the silver screens today! Directed by Navaniat Singh, the family drama features two prominent Punjabi stars – Jimmy Sheirgill and Dev Kharoud in the lead. Besides them, Sharan Kaur, Yograj Singh, Mukul Dev, Amar Noorie, Sunita Dhir, and Aman Sutdhar play substantial roles. If you’re planning to book your tickets for the movie, here’s a quick shareek 2 movie review to help you frame your decision. Read on!

shareek 2 movie review

Story Scan

The plot revolves around two step brothers Jassa (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Gurbaaz (Dev Kharoud). They turn into arch rivals because of their conflicting upbringing and ever-fuming family differences. Where Jassa leads a royal lifestyle of the most powerful Randhawa family in the village, Gurbaaz is forced to follow atypical rustic life. Next, their father (Yograj Singh) gets upset over the rising rivalry among his stepsons and decides to send Jassa abroad. Whereas Baaz is continuously provoked by their uncle (Mukul Dev). The latter asks Baaz to raise his voice to get back his respect in the village along with his rights to land and other privileges.

The situation goes awry as soon as their father dies, leaving the families deserted and disputed. Furthermore, the bloody game gets worse when Gurbaaz’s girlfriend (Sharan Kaur) gets the marriage proposal from Jassa. Watch the movie to know who will win the deadly game of revenge and who will make a sacrifice?

Performance Pitch

Dev Kharoud displays the art of excellence in this movie. Moreover, he has showcased a fiery character which will be remembered for his performance for a long. His screen presence keeps everyone glued and connected. In addition to him, Jimmy Sheirgill yet again makes a remarkable contribution to the movie’s success with his flawless performance as Jassa. Followed him, Sharan Kaur as Rupi has nailed her role with such finesse and incredible acting skills. The gorgeous actress does all the justice with her oh-so-influential character. Next, the supporting cast involving Yograj Singh, Sunita Dhir, and Amar Noorie portray their impeccable flair of experience in the film industry. They are truly commendable in their characters. Last but not the least, Mukul Dev plays a negative role and once again he just killed it as the wicked uncle who’s busy fueling the fire.

shareek 2 actress sharan kaur

Dialogues & Direction

Right from the beginning what captures every viewer’s attention are the raw, bold, and impressive dialogues. Written by Inderpal Singh, the dialogues throughout the movie leave an inevitable impact on everyone’s minds. Furthermore, the direction by Navaniat Singh deserves all the applause for mastering an ideal concept and perfect execution. With every new movie, he is riding the glory of success and sheer talent. Also, the screenplay of the Shareek 2 film special is something to look forward to.


Talking about the music, the background score is both thematic and intense. The songs gel well with the story and screenplay. The songs like Piche Piche Jatt by Dilpreet Dhillon & Harpi Gill and Mere Saiyaan by Yasir Hussain are quite pleasing and soul-touching. Besides them, other songs seem to be okay!

Vital Verdict

Shareek 2 surpasses the grandeur of Shareek (2015). The never-seen-before revengeful family drama is precisely developed with a complete story without loose ends. This type of movie is made once a decade and carves a niche in the industry. Therefore, without ado, book your seats and relish this extravaganza with your families in theatres!

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