Punjabi Turban (Pagg) Styles: Morni, Patiala Shahi, Wattan Wali, Parna

By Harpreet Singh | March 29, 2020

To know how to tie a turban, we’re here to help you. Turbans symbolize status, religion or a simple fashion preference! Read below to know different sorts of best Punjabi turban styles, such as the typical Sikh Turban, Pagg Style, Morni, Patiala Shahi, Wattan Wali, and Parna. Also, it is available in the distinctive colour combinations to complement any traditional or formal attire. Furthermore, these are some dominant variations of the Punjabi pagg.

The best Punjabi turban styles include:

punjabi turban styles morni pagg patiala shahi pagg wattan wali pagg

Morni Pagg

When it comes to best Punjabi turban styles, Morni is one of the leading styles. Highly popular among the Sikh youth, Ravinder Grewal, Inderjit Nikku, and Diljit Dosanjh are the prominent names found donning this typical pagg style. In addition, it is the most loved forms of Punjabi turban.

Special Tips:

  • – Use more water droplets for its neat appearance.
  • -The difference between the layers on the left side will remain the same.
  • -Keep on finishing the layers with each move.

Patiala Shahi Turban

Patiala Shahi Sikh Turban showcases the royal and regal culture from the time immemorial. Hailing from the city of majestic royals, Patiala, actor Ammy Virk serves an example of wearing this type of turban style. Moreover, it suits best when you have sharp face cut.

Special Tips:

  • Avoid putting any water droplets, knot it all dry.
  • During the time of folding (pooni), shake the cloth well while preparing it for the turban.
  • Keep the first layer a little thick so that it holds the grip well.
  • Put the pinch between the eyes and nose.

Wattan Wali Pagg

It is originated keeping in view the time constraint. Yes, it takes less time in wearing, hence serves perfect for college youth. Sidhu Moosewala and Tarsem Jassar prefer Wattan Wali Punjabi pagg. In fact, it comes from the outskirts or the villages of the Punjab.

Special Tips:

  • Make a strong base below this style as it demands endurance or extra strength.
  • During the time of pooni, keep thin edges of the cloth.
  • Pinch the first layer effectively so that folds come clear.
  • The last layer of the turban should be made straight to give fascinating look.


Go Parna or Keski is the quickest form of Punjabi pagg. People don it casually on the day off or Sunday or holidays. You can see it commonly wearing by Punjabis around you when they’re at home and relaxing.

Special Tips:

  • Get minimum of one meter cloth to tie it neatly.
  • At the end, put some water droplets on the front to set it a bit and get on to the extra grip.

Well, these are the compilation of several forms of best Punjabi turban styles. So, which one you will you pick – Morni, Patiala Shahi, Wattan Wali or Parna?

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