Pata Ni Rabb Kehdeyan Rangan Ch Raazi(Punjabi Movie 2012)

17 February 2012

Pata Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rangan Ch Raazi punjabi movie 2012

Director: Ravinder Peepat
Stars: Tarun Khanna, Neeru Bajwa, Rana Jung Bahadur
Genre: Drama
Writer: Harman
Banner: Kapil Batra Films
Music: Jaidev Kumar
DOP: W.B Rao
Distribution: White Hill Studios

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Pata Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rangan Ch Raazi is the story of Harman, his life, his struggle and his dreams. His dream is to see his ailing parents happy and healthy and to get Simran as his life partner who hails from a very rich family.

Ashamed of his poverty, he leaves India and reaches Bangkok to rise in life. His life takes a fortunate turn in Bangkok with the help of hotelier, Gurvinder and his pretty daughter, Preet who has a soft corner for Harman. However, unaware of Preet’s feelings Harman returns to India as a rich man.

As he returns he finds out that Simran is studying at Shimla University and he joins the University to grab the golden opportunity be close to Simran. Their journey commences with friendship, togetherness and they bond in the snow-capped valleys of Simla. Harman starts seeing love in Simran’s eyes for him and he does everything in his power to make Simran happy. Valentine’s Day is when he confesses his Love for Simran