Gurpreet Ghuggi(Actor)

gurpreet ghuggi punjabi actor

Gurpreet Ghuggi is a famous name in the industry. He has a commendable comic timing. But, his real name is Gurpreet Singh Waraich and his birthplace is Gurdaspur, Punjab. Ghuggi’s birthdate is July 19, 1971. He has delivered prominent content in the comedy genre and debuted in ‘Jee Aayan Nu’. Apart from his tremendous contribution to the Punjabi Industry, he has done TV serials like Parchhaven and Thank You Jijaji. You will be surprised to know Gurpreet Ghuggi’s political career which began from 2014 till 2017 with the Aam Admi Party (AAP). Gurpreet Ghuggi’s wife is Kuljeet Kaur and he has one daughter named Ramneek Ghuggi and one son named Sukhan Ghuggi.