Meet with Rishita Monga’s First Love

By Harpreet Singh | March 24, 2015

Hello, guys! So 3rd of April it is for a new Punjabi movie Gun & Goal releasing worldwide. The trailer and songs of the movie are fetching great response all over. It stars Sumeet Sarao (debut Actor) and Rishita Monga in the lead roles. Regarding the same, our Team PunjabiPollywood had a few words with Rishita Monga in which we tried to know more about her personal life. Yes, friends! I am sure you people want to know about her as well. So, Do you want to know who is the most important person in Her Life? And who is her best friend? So keep reading!

Rishita Monga New Look

Rishita Monga New Look

A tad bit jealous are you!? You must be wondering about a love affair she might have? Well the answer is No! She says “My family is the sole inspiration for me to keep going headstrong. I want to fulfil their dreams my own way. I have a cute little family consisting of my Mom, Dad and a younger sister”. Even her family likes her approach towards life and appreciates her dedication and passion towards her goals. About her role in the movie she says,”I have took up new challenges on the acting front this time. I play the role of a girl named Kajal who is a performer in the movie. My character changes shades dramatically in the end and that is a surprise for the audience to find out.” Currently, she is busy with the promotions of her movie Gun & Goal. This Beautiful actress also likes to experiment with her looks and brings a fresh breath of Fashion in Punjabi Cinema. We love her dressing style and looks, don’t we? PunjabiPollywood team wishes Rishita Monga all the best for an upcoming movie. We hope her career soars and we get to see more of this charmer in the coming times.

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