Main Te Bapu Movie Review : Exciting Family Entertainer with Heart-Touching Plot

By Gurpreet Kaur | April 23, 2022

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main te bapu movie review

Main te Bapu Movie Review

Punjabi movie Main Te Bapu hits the silver screens, starring heartthrob Parmish Verma and his father Dr. Satish Verma, yes, the real-life duo. A heartfelt story of a son and father bond, the movie is directed by Uday Pratap Singh. Furthermore, if you’re planning to book your movie tickets, here’s a quick review for you to decide.

Story Scan:

The plot revolves around Laali (Parmish) and his widowed father. The latter decides not to re-marry for the benefit of his son. However, as Laali grows old, he realizes that his father has made a supreme sacrifice and endured an emptiness in his life after the death of his mother. In addition, he also aspires to move to Canada which is strongly opposed by his father. So, he plans to find a perfect match for his old father. Eventually, just when everything seems to hit the strike, the father’s marriage becomes an obstacle in Laali’s own wedding. There begins a tiff between a father and son. Watch the movie to know who ties the knot first.

Performance Pitch:

As far as performances are concerned, Parmish Verma almost notched his character as Laali. His role outlines some new and unique attributes he possesses as an actor. Moreover, it may be due to his super flawless dad Dr. Satish Verma performing beside him. Without a doubt, Mr. Senior Verma has nailed his character while portraying a strict and understanding father. Besides them, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Sunita Dhir, Gurmeet Sajan, Rose J Kaur, Balli Baljit, Sharan, and Sukhwinder Chahal made a significant contribution to making it quite successful.

Music & Presentation:

The music of the film is soothing. The background tracks, love ballads, and emotional songs keep it under the spotlight. Furthermore, the story by Jagdeep Warring is weaved to perfection. In addition, the entire plot is well-peppered with gags and laughter punches. The director made it a situational comedy with no dull moments. Also, unlike several Punjabi movies, it doesn’t look dragged or overdone.

Vital Verdict:

Main Te Bapu is a fictional movie, yet it is based on real-life stories. From heart-tickling banter to emotional moments, you will surely connect to it instantly. Interestingly, the movie has given a personal touch to the storyline with real-life pictures of Parmish’s childhood. Overall, it offers high entertainment with a soulful plot. So, book your tickets without a thought and enjoy it with your family!

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