Lekh Movie Review: Ronak & Rajveer’s Cute & Mature Love Story is Highly Watchable

By Gurpreet Kaur | April 1, 2022

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lekh movie review

Lekh Movie Review

The wait is finally over as the Lekh movie hits the big screens today. As anticipated, the Punjabi movie offers a variety of emotions with love, laughter, sacrifice, sentiments, and much more. With the cast of Tania, Gurnam Bhullar, Nirmal Rishi, Kaka Kautki, Harman Dhaliwal, and Harman Brar, the movie is directed by Manvir Brar. Also, the Qismat-fame Jagdeep Sidhu pens a unique story. Read on to know the movie’s insights!

Story Scan:

The plot begins with Ronak (Tania) arriving in her native land from abroad to attend a school friend’s wedding. Next, the flashback hits in that displays their teenage love story. Besides a distinctive display of affection, Rajveer’s father Kaka Katuki a set of advises keeps up the story in the moment.

Furthermore, in present-day, Ronak moved on with a new partner and also has a son named Rajveer. That shows her obsession (still) with him!  Whereas, the senior Rajvir is still hanging in the past. She then meets Rajveer (Gurnam Bhullar) and gets astonished to see his condition. Ronak tries to sort out their misunderstandings but will she attain success? Book your tickets and watch the movie!

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Performance Pitch:

As far as performances are concerned, Tania takes up the foremost rank. She outplays her character with much precision and clarity. Following her, Guram Bhullar’s physical transition makes him the star of the show. Then, Kaka Kautki who plays the role of Rajvir’s Father, nailed his role to finesse. It is the ultimate character the late actor has played to date.

Unfortunately, he is not here to relish the appreciation but he deserved it all. Moreover, Nirmal Rishi’s short but highly impactful role is truly endearing. Her acting skills prove the essence of her experience in the industry. Lastly, Ammy Virk’s cameo adds extra flavor to the delicious snack of love & laughter.

Music & Presentation

Full marks the music department headed by B Praak and Jaani. Each and every song perfectly goes well with the situation and rightly demonstrates the emotions. The concluding song Zaroori Nai sung by Afsana Khan sums up the whole movie.

Moreover, the director of the Punjabi film Lekh, Manvir Brar has done a significant contribution to making it a distinguished love story. Next, Jagdeep Sidhu’s writing peppered it with amazing spices. The first half of the movie is bang on. After the interval it drags a bit, however, a few minutes later it picks up high and engaging. Lastly, the twist(suspense) in the tale will surely hit your heartstrings.

Vital Verdict

The Lekh story is truly fascinating. Firstly, it transports you to the era of school time with a cute teenage love story. Secondly, it demonstrates the essence of mature yet beautiful affection one has for another. The story offers a hard-hitting message that everyone needs to abide by in life. Therefore, with great performances, a soul-stirring plot, and touching music, the Lekh movie turns out to be highly watchable.

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