Surpasses All Expectations, Ardab Mutiyaran Is the Total Paisa Vasool Entertainer

By Sonia Khanna | October 18, 2019

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ardab mutiyaran review

Cast: Sonam Bajwa, Mehreen Pirzada, Ninja, Ajay Sarkaria, BN Sharma

Director: Manav Shah

Finally, the most awaited movie Ardab Mutiyaran has hit the silver screen today. It created quite a stir ever since its power pack trailer was released. Full house on the first day – first show reflects the excitement among the viewers of the movie. But, if you are among those who have not booked seats yet, or feel dubious, this review will help you decide!

Story Scan:

The movie revolves around the central character Babbu Bains (Sonam Bajwa). As the trailer suggested, she is independent, fierce, and fearless jatti from a small village in Punjab. In a search for the job, she appears for an interview in the finance company in Chandigarh. Though she applied in the sales department headed by Shruti (Mehreen Pirzada), but due to her lack of education, she could not fit in the job. Unsatisfied with this plea, furious Babbu steps out of the room. There she encounters Vicky Ahuja (Ninja) who is the only one in the recovery department. His job is on the verge of an end due to his constant failures. He sees Babbu’s daring attitude when the latter was bashing goons on the road with a slugger (yes, the famous and the opening sequence of the trailer where she introduces herself).

Vicky seeks the advantage of the moment and offers Babbu the job of recovery agent. She happily accepts it as she loves correcting people. She takes up the charge and help Vicky to recover every due penny of the company. They both turn into good friends. Calling each other ‘Bains Sahb’ and ‘Baba’ add to their strong bond. On the other side, the family of Rinku (Ajay Sarkaria) is looking for a bride for him. But his sister-in-laws play villain every time any family comes to see him. This makes him feel deplorable. On his way to work, he comes across Babbu, they fall in love, and from here the movie takes up all the twists and turns.

Performance Pitch: 

Sonam Bajwa indeed stands out the crowd with her immaculate acting and dialogue delivery. She is the pillar of the movie. Furthermore, Ninja played his role with utmost perfection. His caring and supportive attitude will definitely captivate viewers. The character of Mehreen displays, dual-side, both anguish and cushy. Ajay Sarkaria plays a role of Bansal family member and he pulls it off pretty well. In addition, the supporting cast BN Sharma, Upasana Singh, Sudesh Lehri among others make a significant contribution to their performances.

ninja ardab mutiyaran

Music & Presentation:

As most of the music scores are playing in the background, it keeps the viewers hooked throughout the movie. The songs like Challa, Jattan Naal Yaarane, Vadde Vadde Din are soothing to the ears. It complements the story and the situations. The finale marks the chart-busting Siddhu Moosewala’s Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi concludes the entire movie. Therefore, the music offers all the punch required to make the movie impactful. Presentation in terms of locations, dialogues, costumes, and cultural reflection is truly impeccable.

Vital Verdict: 

The movie offers beyond expectations. It is a complete entertainer and paisa vasool. Take your family or friends along and relish this weekend with Babbu Bains!

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