After love and drama Kulraj Randhawa is going to present some rough and tough


From TV serials to Bollywood comedy, now all set for Kulraj Randhawa to bang the Punjabi film screen with a women oriented movie ‘Needhi Singh’, releasing on 22ndJuly, 2016 under the production and direction of a talented guy, Jaivi Dhanda. The crew is already showing the women power. The release of the motion poster has already throbbed the hearts of fans of Kulraj. This motion poster has also changed the banal regime of still posters. It starts with chaos and introduces Kulraj dressed in simple Punjabi attire and with a dusty look to emphasizing the fact that women are not always just up to makeup and dresses. They can fight like a soldier in the harsh conditions.

A voice in the background saying that a bird can become a Hawk, if they are suppressed more than the level of tolerance. Simply, it is trying to say that injustice can only be tolerate to some level after a revolution comes in the attire of power which change everything and a new trend sets up.

When the actress is asked about the movie, she told that heroes are not only men, the character of hero have its heroism so this character is the hero of the movie and after so many comic movies she did this one to emphasize the versatility of women and to empower the role of women in today’s society as she opine that these kind of movies left a tremendous impact on the viewer’s mind.

As these movies are appreciated well in bollywood, we hope that it will spread its magic on the silver screen too. We will look forward that how it can influence the viewers and change the mentality of the male dominating society as though appreciation is given to these kinds of movies but the basic purpose of making a change is left unfulfilled.

Credit – Khushboo (LDH)

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