‘Yaar Anmulle 2’ trailer surely heats up the temperature

By Harpreet Singh | December 16, 2016

Punjabi cinema industry is also following the trend of Bollywood of making sequels. In 2011, Punjabi movie ‘Yaar Anmulle’ hits the theaters and become a superhit movie. Once again the movie is coming back with all its force to make people crazy with ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’. The trailer of ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’ has been out and it surely give a glimpse of previous one. From the trailer, we can assume that the movie will be mixture of many feelings like love, fun, action and much more.

“Yaar Anmulle 2” stars Sarabjit Cheema, Raja Bath, Sarthi K, Diljott, Poonam Sood, Keeya Khanna, Param Saini, Yograj Singh and Nirmal Rishi. Yadu Productions and Batra Showbiz is going to present their upcoming movies ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’ on 23rd od December at the time of Christmas.Likewise, the first series of Yaar Anmulle the second one will also showcase the friendship and love in it. Be ready to spend your time with friends and dear ones on this christmas evening on theatres with ‘Yaar Anmulle 2’.

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