Who is Jinda-Sukha, Terrorist or Solider ?

Dear readers, you might not hear the names of Jinda, Sukha and might unaware of hidden facts, the real names are Harjinder Singh “Jinda” and Sukhdev Singh “Sukha”. Our team collected some facts and true story about them, first of all, Jinda and Sukha was not terrorist, they were real life heroes and brave soldiers of a community who loved to live a simple life. Harjinder Singh Jinda was a handsome looking guy who liked to wear branded clothes and always stood for needy persons. They devoted their lives to protect Sikh, Hindu and other communities after the brutal behaviour and killing of Innocent people in 1984 by political leaders and Indian army on the order of government.However, The Freedom fighters who fought for their rights and for a specific community in India is always tagged as a Terrorist. What do you think We are free in our nation?

The Mastermind Jinda Sukha

– They wrote one book in which Jinda Ji clearly mentioned “We are not terrorist and against violence. What we did to save mankind and humanity was not wrong. The work against criminals and brutal political leaders were always with proper planning and execution that’s why Jinda, Sukha popularly known with the name of ‘Masterminds.

– Some well-known political leaders and Indian army chief who were responsible for the killing of innocent Sikhs lives in the genocide of 1984. Jinda, Sukha killed them because those political leaders and General of Indian army were totally responsible for the killing innocent lives and which was right decision and who are still alive government are giving them honours, awards and positions instead of giving death penalty.

After reading above article, take it on you the same situations Jinda, Sukha handled during the genocide and did you ever live for others? Did you contribute for the community ever and to protecting people is wrong and who happily accept death then how government giving the title of terrorist to soldiers? Is everything right? Ask yourself these questions and if you want to know more about The Mastermind Jinda Sukha, on the 11th September movie is releasing Worldwide. Please do watch theatre list coming soon.

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