Uda Aida Trailer : Highlights the Problem of Language Barrier

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | January 9, 2019

Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa’s new Punjabi movie Uda Aida trailer highlights the problem of language barrier language is one of the most discussed and burning issue of Punjab. Often it hits the media desks with many of the news, but till now none of the Punjabi movies showcased this problem on silver screen. But now the upcoming Punjabi movie Uda Aida having dashing Sardar Tarsem Jassar and talented gorgeous actress Neeru Bajwa in the main lead is going to show the sensitivity of this issue. The trailer of movie Uda Aida is available on YouTube and is getting views in abundance. The trailer reveals how Speaking English is a major issue in Punjab? And how schools use to suck parent’s money for the name of making their child civilized?

During all this often families got disturbed and their moments become emotional as well. This all happens generally to Punjabi families which is the story of Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa’s son in the movie. Neeru Bajwa made her mind that her son will definitely have a good command over English because of that she uses to get her son enrolled in city’s school with high modern culture and huge fee structure.

The family managed the admission of their son by arranging money and so many lies, like the couple itself also use to get English speaking classes though that will only create humor in the story. But the next problem is that their son is even not allowed to speak in his mother tongue even with his friends. Also, the family is suffering from that different culture treatment and a lot of families. All this is very much emotional and pitiful, but the presence of BN Sharma and Gurpreet Ghuggi makes sure that you will laugh during the movie Uda Aida as well.

The upcoming Punjabi movie Uda Aida is coming on the 1st of February and is coming under the production of Friday Russh Motion Pictures, Ksshitij Chaudhary Films & Naresh Kathooria Films. Ksshitij Chaudhary has directed this movie and he is one of the producers as well along with Rrupaali Gupta, Deepak Gupta, & Naresh Kathooria, who is the writer of this movie as well. Musical section is maintained as a lyricist by Tarsem Jassar & Vinder Nathumajra, though Omjee Group will distribute this movie worldwide.

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