The real story of Rupinder Singh as Rupinder Gandhi

The upcoming Punjabi movie Rupinder Gandhi 2 has been based on the real story of the hero of Punjab named as Rupinder Gandhi. Now the mystery is that how he was named as Gandhi, despite being born in Aujla family. Rupinder Gandhi was the youngest son born in Aujla family at Rasoolra village in Khanna (Ludhiana) in Punjab. The day he was born, has been celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, yes it was 2nd October. As his birth date was 2nd October, Rupinder’s father decided to call him as Gandhi. And for his villagers, he was a god’s gift as he helped each and every needy person.


After Rupinder Gandhi- The Gangster, the makers have come up with the second part of the movie titled as Rupinder Gandhi- The Robinhood. The first part of Rupinder Gandhi showcases the gangster side of him, but the upcoming Punjabi move Rupinder Gandhi-The Robinhood will display the bright side of the person. So wait for the unknown bright side of the dark person of Punjab- Rupinder Gandhi who has been a Gangster for others, but a Robinhood for his own people. Rupinder Gandhi 2 is all set to release on 25th August 2017, book your tickets to watch out the good inside a bad.

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