Sidhus of Southall Review: Sidhu’s Tabbar & its Never-Ending Syape Make It Messy Yet Mysterious

By Sonia Khanna | May 19, 2023

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The Punjabi movie Sidhus of Southall hits the silver screen today. Starring Sargun Mehta, Ajay Sarkaria, Prince K.J Singh, BN Sharma, and others, the movie is directed Navaniat Singh. The comedy-drama film is a family entertainer that offers humour, mess, and mysteries. Read sidhus of southall review to know more about the film!

sidhus of southall movie review

Story Scan

Based in Southall (London), it begins with Tina Sidhu (Sargun Mehta) and her family comprising her father, mother, grandmother, uncle, and elder sister. The elder sister who married an African person leaves him and returns back to her home with a kid. Moreover, Tina is the only breadwinner of the family. She works in an event company led by Carter (Prince). The latter has a one-sided love with Tina and she hates it. Thus, whatever Carter proposes, Tina rejects the right way.

However, she has to pay the loan taken from her boss. In view to settle the scores, Carter asks him to get a deal for a rich businessman’s wedding. Together, they go and find it is Rajvir (Ajay Sarkaria), the groom and Tina’s ex-boyfriend. Furthermore, she succeeds in nailing the deal. Then one day when Carter calls Tina in his office. Under substantial influence, Carter tries to force him on her. She then takes a glass bottle and hits and kills him.

She had a wedding deal in hand, so she decides to create her own wedding-planning company ‘Sidhus of Southall’. The mess ensues as one place she has to manage all the wedding arrangements and simultaneously look for alternatives to get rid of Carter’s dead body. Amidst the chaos, mystery, and humour, the cops step in and to know what happens next, watch the movie.

Performance Pitch

To begin with, Sargun Mehta holds the story very well. Under the shadows of talented comedians like Iftikhar Thakur and BN Sharma, Sargun flawlessly showcases her character. Moreover, she plays the central role with much sincerity. Next, Prince Kanwaljit’s transition from Kartar to Carter is truly commendable. He has done all the justice with his living as well as life-less character. Besides him, Ajay Sarkaria makes a decent contribution to uplifting the new Punjabi movie. Actors BN Sharma, Iftikhar Thakur, Amar Noori, Jatinder Kaur, Joty Kaur, and Suman Bala play their roles effectively.

Direction & Cinematography

The director Navaniat Singh makes an honest effort to bring in the script all alive. However, the characters could have been given better screen space. For instance, the son of Tina’s sister could have played a bit more of his role. Also, Tina’s sister’s role lacks the punch. The locations deserve a mention, they are picturesque and endearing. Next, costumes look perfectly synced with situations or occasions.

sidhus of southall review


Sidhus of Southall songs are both heart-warming and peppy. The songs Allah by Prabh Gill and Deedar by Akhil win the hearts of viewers. Furthermore, Godday Godday Cha by Oye Kunaal makes the movie even more entertaining. However, a decent background score could be added to notch up the musical vibe.

Vital Verdict

Sidhu’s Tabbar and its never-ending syape make it messy yet mysterious. Packed with laughter punches, it is a complete family entertainer. Must-watch, ENJOY!

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