“Sardaar Ji” Movie Background Music Badly Copied from Iggy Azalea Song

By Harpreet Singh | June 20, 2015

Sardaar Ji Background Music Copied

Stealing stuff for songs or movies and using in their own movie is not a new thing in cinema industry some succeed and some fail to proceed. We are talking about Diljit upcoming Punjabi movie Sardaar ji trailer where Diljit Dosanjh see with two beautiful actress Neeru Bajwa and Mandy Thakar. Few days back movie trailer has been launched and didn’t meet the expectation of public, however, one very silly mistake noticed by an audience that movie makers badly copied background music from Australian Rapper lggy Azalea Song. If you refused to believe then please watch the first trailer of Diljit music and further watch Bounce sung by Lggy Azalea. It clearly shows that movie makers are not serious for Punjabi cinema and audience.

Sardaar Ji Trailer

lggy Azalea Song

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