Sardaar Ji 2: Double the Sardaar-Giri, Double the Swag

By Harpreet Singh | June 12, 2016

Sardaar Ji 2 is already on the hit list and the songs are beating in each car. Girls are going crazy for the six pack abs look that Diljit Dosanjh is carrying. Double is the swag, double is the Sardaar-giri. Diljit’s famous dialogue ‘Ji, Sardar ji’ is again creating a magic.

This heavy loaded effect of dialogue is also seen among children. Even cars are decorated with stickers of ‘Sardaar Ji’. Diljit is rocking the image of farmers who supposedly are serious but Dosanjh comes in with Swag. The Punjabi Jutti, Kurta Pyjama and that Kentha is making him look swagy, a swager with Punjabi touch.

Part one of Sardar Ji was not enough to display the swag and sardaargiri of Real Punjabis so here comes the part 2 which has double the element of that. Diljit is grabing the attention of many. The songs are double entertaining, the comedy is double the tickle for your stomach and even much more double elements are waiting.

Hopefully, this double everything in the movie will double the audiences’ love for stars and people related to the movie.

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