Saadi Marzi Movie Review: Perfect Family Drama

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | January 28, 2019

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New Punjabi movie starring Anirudh Lalit, Aanchal Tyagi, Harby Sangha, Neena Bundhel & Yograj Singh released on Friday. The movie is based on a family with parents from different states and has a lot of drama, emotions, and fun to enjoy for all of you. It is a GLM Production having Avantika Lalit Maken Tanwar as producer and released worldwide by Globe Moviez. We the team of Punjabi Pollywood is sharing with you a review of this movie, which is as follow:


The story writer of Punjabi movie Saadi Marzi Nihal Purba, came out with a different and unique idea. He has written a sweet non-political story of a family based on a political topic, which starts with the presence of a Punjabi father Yograj Singh and a Haryanvi mother Neena Bundhel. They have Anirudh Lalit as their son, both of them trying best to get him more in their culture and for that, they are searching for a girl to marry him. Haryanvi Mother is searching a girl from Haryana and Punjabi father searching the same from his state. Now in that confusion son Lalit falls in love with a girl of his choice, now he is becoming a sandwich in between the feelings of his parents and also wishing to carry on his love. This creates a lot of drama and cracks so much of new jokes, which will be the reason that you will enjoy a lot in the theatres.

All the actors from the movie Saadi Marzi go very fluently along with their roles. Yograj Singh and Neena Bundhel both have a lot of squabble with each other, which is the most interesting. Harby Sangha being an important character of the movie plays a vital role in entertaining the audience with his crispy dialogues and timing. Anirudh Lalit and Aanchal Tyagi both are the new faces for Punjabi film industry; still, they managed well in this unique script. Though the other supporting characters of the movie can be more impactful for creating more inter-state disputes, in which the movie lacks.

Ajay Chandhok has directed this movie while along with the story, screenplay, and dialogues are penned down by Nihal Purba. The direction was really very much challenging as this movie is having a very hot political issue as its base. But even then, Ajay Chandok has taken the movie in a direction of the family film. The screenplay is really good but dialogues could be better. As we have already described the movie Saadi Marzi is failing in highlighting much of the cultural and social differences of Punjab and Haryana. But being a family drama and romantic film the movie is really excellent.

Songs from movie Saadi Marzi are also have a different flavor as per the topic and story of it. The songs are in Punjabi and Haryanvi, though most of the songs are enjoyed well by the Punjabi audience as well. Vinder Nathu Majra, MD-KD & Rotash Gagsinivan have written the lyrics of them, while Kaptan Laadi & RDK, D. Chandu & V. R. Bros have designed the compositions and given music to them. The title track Marzi Saadi Aa by Mika Singh and Jattan Da Jatt by Nachhatar Gill are most loving beat songs, though romantic song Gall Baat by Prabh Gill and Gall Aini Ku by Gurlez Akhtar & Ali Abbas got much of listeners from girls of both states.

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