Rumour or Truth: Harbhajan Mann to Join Politics?

By Harpreet Singh | July 1, 2021

In Punjab, the political field is on fire as it prepares for the forthcoming 2022 elections. Every party is gearing up to show their best, aiming to win maximum votes. Rumors are making rounds about Harbhajan Mann, a renowned singer and an actor, joining the popular political party. In addition, speculations are getting stronger of him holding the broom of the Aam Aadmi Party. Also, during the elections of 2019, Mann expected to fight elections from Bathinda. But, it didn’t turn out.

However, this time the grapevine highly indicates the actor’s promptness to join the opposition party. Moreover, without a doubt, every political party eyes to grab the support of Punjabi artists owning to the political scenario of the state and on-going farmers’ protest.

Besides Harbhajan Mann, Bhagwant Mann, Anmol Gagan, and Balkar Sidhu already associate with politics. Though there is no official statement yet if it happens the Jee Aayan Nu actor’s presence will surely contribute to attracting voters. Well, let’s see how and what turns it take before hitting the 2022 elections!

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