Romance of Gippy and Sonam Brighten up the Manje Bistre

By Harpreet Singh | April 15, 2017

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Manje Bistre, one of the most awaited and talked about movie of Punjabi cinema has released on 14th April. As expected from Gippy and Sonam’s Manje Bistre, it really lives up to the expectations of the audience. The very first day of the movie seems to be houseful in each corners of Punjab. Romantic comedy of Gippy, Sonam and other actors shines high in the heart of the Punjabi audiences.


Story of Manje Bistre starts with Sukhi (Gippy Grewal), who is busy in preparation of his sister’s marriage meets Rano (Sonam Bajwa) and at very first sight he falls in love with her. Rano, who was Sukhi sister’s friend, is a quiet and hesitant girl. Because of Rano’s nature Sukhi never spoke out his feeling for her. But when he expressed his love for Rano, She replied that she is engaged and going to be married soon. Will they both get married or not? To find the answer you have to watch the movie ‘Manje Bistre’.


When it comes to acting of the movie, it’s not only about one actor and one actress it’s all about the character played by different actor of Punjabi film industry in the film ‘Manje Bistre’. Once again Gippy has proved his acting in the film, on the other side Sonam has also ruled out the film with her perfect role. But actor comedian Karamjit Anmol become the real show stealer of the movie Manje Bistre, he really lived up his character at his best. Gurpreet Ghuggi also appeared on the screen for a short time and nailed it with his performance. All in all, each and every character showed their best performance in ‘Manje Bistre’.


Punjabi wedding is always incomplete without music. And the film Manje Bistre which revolves around Punjabi wedding has an amazing blend of music in it. Be it romantic or dancing number, there have been all kind of songs in Manje Bistre that will make your mind fresh. Jay K and Jaison Thind have assembled the perfect tunes for outstanding lyrics of the songs of ‘Manje Bistre’ movie.


We can say that, it is one of the best movies from the director ‘Baljit Singh Deo’. It is for the third time that Baljit Singh Deo and Gippy Grewal have join hands on a project. Before Manje Bistre, they both have worked on ‘Faraar’ and ‘Mirza’. A neat and clean direction technique has been shown from Baljit Singh Deo in Manje Bistre.

Assembling all the facts, we can say that Manje Bistre is a must watch movie and if you haven’t watched it yet, then book your tickets right now and let your weekend be filled with lot of fun and masti.

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