Punjabi WhatsApp Status inspired from Punjabi Movies


Seeking for some cool and vibrant ‘Punjabi WhatsApp Status’ that suits your mood? Well, you have clicked on the right link and reached the bank of Punjabi WhatsApp status. The love and hate, both, is the best expressed when in Punjabi and when as Punjabi WhatsApp status. Punjabi movies have always been attracting the audiences because of their fun, entertainment, love, swag, relatable dialogues and much more. Here you will find the best from Punjabi movies that you can set as WhatsApp status according to your mood.

Let the fun begin and when it comes to show your fun side after a serious conversation, choose “Tu Tan Serious Hi Le Gaya!! Yaar..”. Laugh it over. When it comes to display your ego, choose “Sadda Kutta Kutta! Tuhada Kutta Tommy?” and even add the fun with “Sadda Patola, Sathon Hi Ohla!”

Whatsapp Status in Punjabi

Struggling for having a girlfriend, set your Punjabi WhatsApp status as “Saheli Te Haveli, Cheti Nai Bandi”. During a serious or happy phase of life, open your settings and set your WhatsApp status as “Jis Tarah Da Mahaul, Us Tarah Di Shakal!” When it comes to justify your swag and flaunt it choose “Naam Yaad Rakhi: Hero” and replace hero with your name and set your Punjabi WhatsApp status. Even, show up your angry side and fight for yourself by putting by Punjabi WhatsApp status as “Ashiq Toh Aashiqi Kad Dayie Ta Phatt Baaki, Bande Toh Darr Kad Daiye Ta Jatt Baaki”

Moreover, go for “Tatta Khana, Tatta Nahauna, Te Kudiyaan Diyan Gallan’ch naa auna” and flaunt your swagger part. All is one sided and then the love for religion and for being a proud singh/kaur. That can be displayed with, “Jaat Meri Sikh, Te Gaut Mera Singh!” When it comes to display the mild side of our religion then put your WhatsApp status (Punjabi) as “Sat Shri Akaal Bulauna Tera Faraz Bande”. The fun side for being Punjabi can be portrayed by “Ik Tan Assi Singh Utto Super!!”

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