Old Days, New Concept: Punjabi movie ‘Laatu’ will talk about the Electricity

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | November 11, 2018

‘Lagange 2018 Wich Current’Having the above said as its tagline, new Punjabi movie ‘Laatu’ starring Gagan Kokri and Aditi Sharma is going to portray Punjab’s old days from the period of 70’s on Silver screen. In last few years, we had seen many other Punjabi movies showing that time of Punjab but movie Laatu written and directed by Manav Shah will introduce that aura in a different manner with a new concept of electricity.

In 2012, Punjabi movie ‘Power Cut’ by Late actor Jaspal Bhatti was also about the electricity, but that movie discussed the present time situation when each one of the houses does have electricity connection but faces major power cuts. In opposite to it, movie Laatu is about the older days of state when electricity entered very recently.

Punjab’s villages and families were rushing towards getting electrified at a very fast pace. The competition of being first to get house electrified made the way for the Electricity Department’s Officials to have a very special treat. Punjabi movie Laatu is a full package for the audience to enjoy each of those moments in theatres.

Both generations will watch it happily

It will be a great fun for the young generation as after watching movie Laatu, they will get to know that how getting an electricity connection was difficult in the earlier decades of independent India? Along with that, the seniors from their houses will remember their happiness that they had when first electricity bulb was installed in their house.

Laatu Movie Trailer

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