Posti Movie Trailer: Bold and Essential Reality Check

By Harpreet Singh | March 6, 2020

The trailer of the Punjabi movie Posti has released, giving insights about the story and characters. It opens to a village set-up where the characters, from different walks of life reside and struggle to make both ends meet. In addition, the film seems to underline the two bold subjects of today’s society – drug addiction and unemployment.

It shows two parallel plots. One is revolving around the man named Posti, played by Prince KJ Singh. He is a slaphappy and carefree person who remains tipsy the entire day. The other includes Babbal Rai’s travail for the search of suitable job and his love interest for Surilie Gautam. Posti’s tagline ‘Bande Bano Bande’ (Be a righteous person) suits well in every situation portrayed in the trailer. Furthermore, the official arrangement set up to control the spread of menace engages itself into prevailing the one is precisely presented.

Posti Official Trailer

Well, the sneak-peek is definitely strong and influential. The director Rana Ranbir has come up with an impactful story indeed. It will be interesting to watch what and how Posti’s life next turns to. Babbal Rai’s never-ending daily grind will further keep the viewers wanting for more.

The promising Gippy Grewal is producing the movie Posti and it will hit the silver screens on 20th March, 2020.

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