Pollywood King Harbhajan Mann Magic continues

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | June 4, 2015

Sat Shri Akal Friends! In 2002, Punjabi film industry got engaged in public with movie  “Jee Aayan Nu” by Harbhajan Mann following the craze of a young actor still at peak and touching the sky among an audience. Well-scripted Punjabi movie Gaddar The Traitor has been released few days back and retrieving great response from the public while after a long time, a team of good filmmakers stood and break the queue of comedy and old subjected movies in Punjabi cinema.
Rule Breaker Mann’s (Amitoj & Harbhajan)
From years, Players in Punjabi Film industry using the formula of making comedy movies and practicing famous star casts for getting hit in the cinema. But Amitoj Mann and Harbhajan Mann tried something different in the form of Punjabi movie Gaddar The Traitor in which they gave an opportunity and important roles to  debut makers
Manpneet Grewal” & “Bobby Sandhu” in the movie and you can imagine from that  movie shows in the foreign cinemas are sold out on the other hand cinemas in the area of Punjab like Moga shows are booked in advance for next 3-4 days.
We hope filmmakers and artists will stand together to make Punjabi movies like Gaddar The Traitor and make us feel proud to be a part of Punjabi cinema.

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