Pawan Malhotra Interview about Movie Bhagat Puran Singh ji

By Harpreet Singh | February 2, 2015

Pawan Malhotra worked in lots of bollywood movies and TV serials and also played a fantastic role in hit punjabi movie “Punjab 1984” as a policeman. The superhero now set him for the upcoming movie “Bhagat Puran Singh Ji” where he acts as Bhagat ji who was selfless human being and devoted all his life towards the welfare of orphanage people.

“Interviewed with Pawan malhotra about the Movie”
How was your experience in the movie and how you came through and selected for the Biography of Bhagat Puran singh ji?
Pawan Replied “Bhagat ji was known as a Mother Tressa of Punjab as well and when I got responsibility of performing the same is quite difficult and unbelievable because The man who spend his life living for other people was something very big achievement which if I can perform 10% in the movie, then I can feel complete. However Pawan Malhotra said that he is very lucky that he get a chance to show the reality and values on the screen about Bhagat Puran Singh ji journey from age 25 to 84.

Pavan Malhotra Interview

Pavan Malhotra Interview

Something about Pawan Malhotra Punjab connection ?
Pawan Malhotra belongs from Punjabi family and he love Punjab but he born and brought up in Delhi. But he said going in Punjab is something unique then other places where people have bigger heart than chest and bonding which people can find in Punjab is nowhere else in the world. However, day by day the scenario is changing and Pawan feel sad about that huge number of people suffered from cancer and youngsters are indulge into drugs that’s quite pathetic status in Punjab but he hope that everything will be well like before.

punjabipollywood.com team pray for the success of upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Bhagat Puran singh ji’ and please share your views about this movie so that we can appreciate his efforts.

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