Padma Shri Kaur Singh Review: Punching & Kicking Away to Glory!

By Gurpreet Kaur | July 23, 2022

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The biographical drama based on the life of Olympian boxer and Padma Shri awardee, Kaur Singh finally hits the big screen. The greatest and the only Indian boxer who had defeated the legendary Muhammad Ali. Furthermore, presented by Karam Batth in association with Slay Records, the movie features Karam Batth and Prabh Grewal in the lead role. Also, it is directed by Vikram Pradhan. If you’re planning to book your tickets for the movie, here’s a quick Kaur Singh movie review to help you make up your mind. Read on to know the movie insights!

kaur singh movie review

Story Scan

The plot displays the life of Kaur Singh (Karam Batth), born and brought up in Sangrur, Punjab. Moreover, it displays the passionate journey of a simple man who brought laurels to India with his feats in boxing. Leading a simple and pleasing life, he falls in love with a beautiful lady (Prabh Grewal) in his village. To win her family, he decides to step into the world of boxing and struggles hard to achieve the unachievable. He reaches the pinnacle of his career by grabbing 11 gold medals in several boxing championships across the globe.

However, the debacle hits him when he runs in to claim prize money assured to him by the state government. He strives to gain what he rightfully deserved instead he got insults, abuses, and humiliation. How will he deal with such a miserable situation constitutes the rest of the story?

Performance Pitch

Karam Batth showcases his acting prowess while playing the titular role to perfection. His character’s transition from an adolescent to a mature person is quite impressive. The first half of the movie dwells around Singh’s struggles while the second half entertains viewers with his remarkable achievements. Besides him, Prabh Grewal, Raj Kakra, Malkeet Rauni, Gurpreet Bhangu, Seema Kaushal, Sukhbir Gill, and other supporting cast made a substantial contribution to uplifting the Punjabi film’s scale and standards.

Dialogues & Direction

Kudos to Vikram for his impeccable direction, story-writing, and screenplay. He very well-presented every phase of Kaur Singh’s life – the struggle, the success, and the sacrifice. For power-pack dialogues, credit goes to Jagdeep Singh Warring.


Talking about the music, the film offers a pleasing experience. The music director Jatinder Shah and lyricist Raj Kakra created soul-stirring songs that perfectly engage and demonstrate the emotions of the theme. Songs like Tenu Har Vele Labhdiyan Akhiyan, Maidan Fateh, and other turns out really well.

Vital Verdict:

It is a cinematic drama that incredibly portrays the emotions and misery of players. Also, it particularly highlights the pain they endure due to the corrupt and faulty system. The title, Padma Shri Kaur Singh, serves not only the movie’s introduction but also the true colors of the inhumane administrational system of the nation. Besides that, Kaur Singh’s journey from a simple person, then an Olympian Champion to an Army officer is thoroughly packed with strong fists, heavy punches, and high kicks!

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