Oye Makhna Trailer Out: Ammy & Tania’s Laughter Riot Marriage Confusion

By Gurpreet Kaur | October 30, 2022

oye makhna movie ammy virk tania

Ammy Virk and Tania starrer New Punjabi movie Oye Makhna trailer is here with a laughter riot. The first sight one-sided love story will make you fall in love. Not just the love story, even the comedy timing shown in the trailer seems promising.

The romcom Oye Makhna portrays a romantic love story with a twist of family confusion. Makhan (Ammy Virk) falls in love at first sight with a girl (Tania) and desires to marry her. Further, he finds out that she is his neighbor’s daughter with whom they are not in good terms. Then Makhan and his uncle (Guggu Gill) try to build a good relation with their neighbors. Afterward, they get to know that the girl is already engaged. Further, they try to disturb that engagement to get the girl married to Makhan.

After all the jugaad, the twist came and they get to know that Tania is not his neighbor’s daughter. Also, with whom Makhan was engaged, she is some other girl. On the other hand, as time, Ammy and Tania develop feelings for each other.

Will Makhan get the love of his life? To find out the same, book your ticket for Oye Makhna, which is set to be released on 4 November 2022.

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