Oye Makhna Movie Review: A perfect Punjabi romcom with a twist of emotions

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | November 5, 2022

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oye makhna movie review

Oye Makhna Movie Review

Punjabi movie world is known for its Romcoms, adding to the icying on the cake is Oye Makhna. Ammy and Tania first sight love story will make your way to love. Not just a perfect example of romcom, but this movie has an amazing twist of emotions that blends well with the story. Read on the full movie review of newly released Punjabi movie Oye Makhna below.

Story Scan

25 Year old Makhan (Ammy Virk) and his uncle Shinda (Guggu Gill) are like two peas in a pod. Makhan is like friend to his uncle, the very first time when he fall for girl named Rimple (Tania) he came to him and explains him all. Listening to it, Shinda decides to make Makhna marry the girl of his dream, and he really doesn’t care about wrong or right ways. To achieve the same, Shinda fixes Makhan marriage with a wrong girl named Guddi. Here comes the messy situation for Makhan, whether to choose the girl of his dream or scarifies his love for his family.

Performance Pitch

Guggu Gill and Ammy Virk’s bond on the screen overshadows everything in Oye Makhna. The duo’s friendship will make you think how a family can be like this. On one hand, Guggu Gill’s comic timing with tickle your funny bone, on the other hand, his emotions will make you weep. Ammy and Tania’s chemistry has increased the bar of the movie.

Along with these 3 main actors, Tarsem Paul, Sukhwinder Chahal, Sidhika Sharma, Deedar Gill, and many others are also seen in pivotal roles. Each of the actors has done justice to their character and kept the audience glued to their seats.

Dialogue & Direction

Coming to the direction part, Simerjit Singh has kept a perfect balance between comedy and sensibility. He is always considered as the easiest director to work in the Punjabi industry and in Oye Makhna as well, it’s visible on the screen.

Whereas if we talk about the dialogues, as the concept is very sweet and the dialogues are amazingly supporting the story.


The Music will lift up your mood and make you fall in love again and again. Avvy Sra, Gaurav Dev, Kartik Dev have done a great job in terms of music.

Vital Verdict

All in All, Oye Makhna is a complete entertainer with a twist of emotions. Surely, take along your loved ones to watch the movie in your nearby theatres.

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