Official Trailer of Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua is Out : Harish Verma, Simi Chahal and Amrinder Gill

By Harpreet Singh | March 24, 2018

The trailer of the movie ‘Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua’ is out now. Having direction of Ksshitij Chaudhary, trailer assures that this movie will be a memorable comedy-drama movie of the year which also has a different and unique concept about which no other Punjabi has been produced. Karaj Gill and Munish Sahni are the producers of the film and this has a lot of suspense for you as well.

The movie has a perfect match as the leading stars, Harish Verma and Simi Chahal. But obviously, you will love the presence of Jaswinder Bhalla and BN Sharma in the trailer. Trailer leads the story of the movie in a romantic way when a young couple falls in love and chooses to escape away attributable to the contention of their elderly. But you will laugh after watching the next scene in which when they reach a hotel to pay the inn for stay but exactly right then the Television flashes the biggest news about declaring note-bandi (demonetization) by Narendra Modi. The measure consequently starts. Additionally, Jaswinder Bhalla and B.N. Sharma take the show with their ideal comic performances and dialogues. This film is certain to make you laugh uncontrollably. Thus a perfect movie to enjoy the festival Baisakhi as this is going to be released on April 13.

But in between that Punjab’s most loving star Amrinder Gill comes in the trailer. His silent but desi (rural) look in the trailer is just a suspense, so now let’s see what he is going to deliver. apart from him, Aditi Sharma is also there for few seconds. The movie will not only make you laugh but also the climax’s dialogue, “Paiseyaa Naal Rishte Jud Te Sakde Ne…Nibh Ni Sak De”, is the twist in the story, so now lets watch how it is concluded.

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