10 Iconic Ninja Hairstyles You Must Try

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | September 29, 2019

The varied yet fascinating range of Ninja hairstyles are making rounds all over the web. Yes, we are talking about the popular face of the Punjabi Music Industry, Amit Bhalla popularly known as Ninja. His voice has already won millions of hearts across the globe and so as his acting stint. But to everyone’s surprise, his unique hairstyle in every successive project is what grabbing the eyeballs. Ninja’s charming face and well-built stature suits every single form of hairstyle he chooses to experiment with. The internet is flooded with numerous manly and stylish haircuts, but what to choose suiting your face cut and skin tone becomes a thing to ponder upon. Also, these modern-day chic men haircuts hail from widespread hairstyles sported by fashion icons or celebrities. The contemporary reforms and innovative new range of hairstyling tools and techniques make things even more spectacular.

Top 10 most loved Ninja hairstyles

 10. The Suave and Nerdy Side-Parting Look 

ninja hairstyles
His flawless and captivating looks coupled with debonair hairstyle, makes people fall in love with him. Though side-parting is evidently not new these days, yet it was somewhere lost in the recent past times. The singer Ninja put it back on the board of the hottest manly hairstyles, making it a safe-card to play when you’re running out of other hairstyles. It is the classic traditional look that definitely engenders a decent appearance.


 9. The Messy Informal Side-Parting Look 

ninja hairstyles
Another side-parting hairstyle with a dash of bounce and messy fluff! It suits best for informal meetings and get-to-gathers. It adds a bit of honesty as well as simplicity to the appearance on the whole. Perhaps, it can even make women go weak on their knees. It is a doable hairstyle that demands minimum efforts and of course, products. But the effect is truly endearing!


 8. The Rough Boyish Look 

ninja hairstyles
Ninja looks immensely admiring in every kind of hairstyle. It is not only because he has been gifted with amazing looks, the way he carries himself with panache and confidence makes the difference. This is his raw boyish look and it inspires young or new-age men. If you’re planning to spend some leisure time with your family or friends, then this look is definitely to opt for.


 7. The Buoyant Fashion Hairstyle 

ninja hairstyles
Ninja has spirited the Punjabi film industry’s fashion game to a whole new level. He has come up with his new and innovative style of fashion hairstyles which make him one-of-a-kind. It shows voluminous hair in center with taper-sides, the style is best suited for the family occasions or celebrations. The hairstyle gives a fuller look, thus it may be recommended for men having thin face. Apparently, Ninja sported the look during his on-stage performance.


 6. The Semi-formal Low Faded Hairstyle 

ninja hairstyles
The festive season is fast-approaching and this is another beguiling look you can take a cue from. It is desirable for semi-formal events or parties. The low-faded hairstyle is a hair do that goes fade when you move down towards the neck. The central piece of the hair can be styles in any way as you like it to be. Yes, it requires some efforts but look at Ninja he dons it and delivers an awe appearance.


 5. The Meshy Pulled Back Front with a Tiny-Back Pony 

ninja hairstyles
By-all-odd, this look is a head-turner! It is the powerful hairstyle and requires a lot of motivation and confidence to pull it off with an élan. Messy pulled-back front with a tiny ponytail towards the neck is one of the hottest trends on the internet. It has been sported by several popular celebrities across Hindi and Punjabi fil industry. Talking about Ninja, he looks every bit of classy in this hairstyle. A total thumbs up for this one!!!


 4. The Side Swept Long Hair 

ninja hairstyles
Side-parted long hair with few strands falling or concealing the face is quite a favorite hairstyle among the young lads, nowadays. It is a mushy or romantic look, a perfect choice when you’re with your beloved ones. It renders that subtle-soft touch presenting your character more lovable. In the snow-covered background, Ninja looks an idealistic dreamer. His abstract expressions further add to the splendor of his character.


 3. The Under Cut Hairstyle  

ninja hairstyles
It is another form of hairstyles that become a huge rage among the young crowd. Ninja added his share of twist in the look making it more presentable and promising. Ninja is known for experimenting in his looks, comprising hairstyling and clothing fashion too. The most intriguing thing is that he encounters success in each and every kind of look. This hairstyle is adequately suitable at different places, event, or celebrations.


 2. The Under-Cut with Bushy Middle Hairstyle 

ninja hairstyles
The kind of hairstyle is both dapper and dashing. Generally, it suits any kind of face-shape and skin tone. The styling displays clean or sharp lines, pointed, and a lot of volume. It can be further styles in a varied ways. It renders a slick and finished look. To those who’re eyeing on an extraordinaire style, it does the best. And yes, Ninja looks nothing short of sensational in this hairdo!


 1.The Mighty Spikes 

ninja hairstyles
Our final pick for the day is the mighty spike look. The trend is quite older and widely-prevalent, particularly, in teens. Ninja displays the new side of the story with a hint of visionary creativity. His cute face and smart personality are well-presented in this knavish look. All in all, it again reckoned as an assured attempt with very few falling short on it. Thus, it suits a majority class of men.

With that, it’s a wrap. These are the ten Ninja hairstyles trending across the web. So what are you waiting for? Pick your next hot NINJA look!

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