New Punjabi Movie ‘Rubb Rakha’ trailer is finally out

By Harpreet Singh | May 28, 2018

‘Rubb Rakha’ the upcoming Punjabi movie directed by Minar malhotra is ready and scheduled to be released on 8 June, 2018. Rubb Rakha star cast is Surjit Khan, Pooja Thakur, Malkit Rouni and Minar Malhotra as lead actors. The movie seems as full drama, emotions and love by Alamgir Entertainers. Rubb rakha trailer is finally out. Rubb Rakha movie is produced by Avtar gill and Darshan Sharma. Rubb Rakha team has chosen some great locations in Punjab and Canada.

The strong dialogue delivery and the story of youth will make you think about future once. The movie revolves around family pressure, drugs and trend of going abroad. The journey of a boy who wants clear debts and tries to fulfill demands of his family, earn living for his family and choose a wrong path and start selling drugs in Canada. When honesty becomes the reason of the failure, drug dealing is the only option for him. But soon after, his friend’s son and another friend’s sister were killed by drug dealers. The “Rubb Rakha” movie also talks about debts of Punjab, village life and their needs.

The Lead actor of Rubb Rakha movie Surjit Singh is a songwriter and a singer. He started his career in 2009 with his album ‘Headliner’ and done three movies “Simran”, “Meri Charhgayi Jawani Sohniye”, “Jatt di Cadbury” too. Truck union and Dil di Kitaab are the two singles which are appreciated by his fans in 2017.

‘Everybody has a story…, some people talk about it …some keep in their hearts’ the whole plot is a roller coaster ride of emotions and the truth of life. Movie’s title is based on the reality of life in abroad “JAA KE HUN PARDESAN DE… SADA TAN RUBB RAKHA”. Stay tuned for the Rubb Rakha reviews.

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