Impossible Journey of Redemption of Nadhoo Kha’n

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | April 9, 2019

Trailer of an inspiring movie set in the rural background is out to entertain us which has many characters that tell us about the small things of common person and habits with exceptions to make you laugh. The main character is a spoilt son who has no sense of responsibility but only loves to enjoy and spend leisure time.

As per the trailer it is a crispy story how this boy falls in love and when finally confesses it to the girl a twist appears. His father tells him about the past of his wrestling career and why he has never being dragged into it which shatters him from inside.

His father is broke from the past incident and seeing this his grandfather helps our young boy ,the savior of our young boy who is ready to teach him the wrestling tricks and tactics to bring back the position and redeem his father’s pride and respect.

Now what is twist with the girl? The condition of his grandfather is only one to let him excel the wrestling sport that is our hero has to leave his heer and only concentrations are to be in the sport and his father’s redemption. This active and young role of a boy is played by Harish Verma who is in deep love with the alcoholic eyes of Wamiqa Gabbi ,the lead actress and irony of his fate that he has to compete with his beloved’s brother in a wrestling duo.

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