Too much movies are dangerous for Punjabi Film Industry – Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla

Now a days punjabi film industry is releasing 1 or 2 movies per week, but only few movies are doing the best business in industry, though other movies are also doing their best yet these are prooved flop in industry. A punjabi pollywood reporter has asked this question from the talented and famous actor and comedian jaswinder bhalla. Jaswinder bhalla is in the punjabi film industry from a long time. He knows tastes and likes of audience very well. He said that punjabi film industry is releasing too much movies but comparitively audience of punjabi movies  are not vast. Audience cannot watch movies every week.  They have to go with their budget also. Being a very serious person, while talking about this matter jaswinder bhalla added that due to many movies, even some good movies are unable to proof  best themselves in industry. For make a movie the best there should be a good storyline, content and most important the best cast which force audience to come in theaters.  Jaswinder bhalla shared his very nice and best thoughts on this matter and movie makers should also try to make few but best movies in a year according to the like of punjabi audience so that movies can entertain them with a social message and can do the best business in punjabi film industry also. See you in next article. Stay blessed and in touch with punjabi pollywood.

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