Movie Review: Value the ‘Ki’ of your life: Ki and Ka

By Harpreet Singh | April 15, 2016

Movie ‘Ki and Ka’ succeeded to steal hearts of youngsters. If you haven’t watched the trailer properly or not listened to anyone about this movie; then you must be feeling confused about this title ‘KI AND KA’. So here we disclose this secret. Actually, director very intelligently picked two prefixes from Hindi key words ‘Larhki’and ‘Larhka’. Thus title of this movie becomes.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor made a great duo. The onscreen chemistry is must to be seen. Career oriented women are also emotional and tend to have soft bend, displayed Ki of the movie. On the other side, men too can rock in kitchen and home displayed Ka of the movie. Even Handsome hunks like Arjun Kapoor look good in kitchen. The movie does not hurt the male ego it just happens to make wives have a definition and be called ‘home makers’ and ‘artists’.


Artists are those who think beyond what normal people can but the artist this movie celebrates is truly related to our society. Here in a housewife is called an artist which is a great theme. This movie doesn’t portray men to sit at home and earn but this displays that behind a successful working man, there is a home maker who sits back home and be the pillar of his strong building. This movie cherish the role of a pillar which whatever happens doesn’t let the building collapse. This movie showed a great chemistry between the two stars.

Both husband and wife make a home, shows this picture. There is a secret element of a great couple been shown in the movie? Sit back for it and enjoy. Overall, it is a must watch.

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