Movie Review : Vadda Kalakaar

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | January 2, 2019

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The latest and last Punjabi movie of 2018- Vadda Kalakaar directed by kuldeep kaushik released on this Friday, December 28. This film starred Alfaaz and Roopi gill in the main lead followed by others including Nirmal Rishi,Yograj Singh,BN Sharma, Harby Sangha and Malkeet Rauni. It was a comeback of singer Alfaaz in Punjabi cinema so you all must be waiting for its review. So here it is:

Story: Innocent ‘Makhan’ as Alfaz has a very casual approach towards life. The turning point comes when he falls in love with ‘Malki’ as Roopi gill and her parents rejected him because of his inability to do good in life. It is then he strives towards becoming ‘Vadda kalakar’. Although this movie comes with an interesting title and a new story concept, but watching it seems like it could not do fully justice with the story.

Acting: Alfaz’s acting is quite appreciative which even overpowered ropi gill as her dialogue delivery seemed to be inappropriate in movie Vadda Kalakaar. While Nirmal Rishi, Hardy Sangha and BN Sharma prformed well. Though with with movie legendary actor of Punjabi cinema, Yograj Singh’s role is found to be overacted which is little bit irritating.

Music: Songs of this movie sung by Ranjit Bawa and Kamal Khan are faboulous, though the audience is loving the songs by Prabh Gill and Alfaaz himself as well. Songs effects are funny but quite impressive. Alfaaz impreesed by his writings as well as the audience is loving songs written by him more in comparison with others.

Direction: This Punjabi movie Vadda Kalakaar is directed by Kuldeep Kaushik who is a famous ad-film director. The cinematography and art-direction is featuring new experiments in Punjabi cinema for the first time. But inappropriate elements, comedy and full of melodrama made this movie lag behind. Overy a good attemp has been made by everyone but due to movie’s weak direction and baseless elements this movie could not arouse the emotions of its viewers.

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