Monica Gill(Actress)


Monica Gill whose nickname is Mona was born on June 24, 1991. Her place of birth is Massachusetts, USA. However, it is very interesting to know that her ancestral roots can be traced back to a village near Rajasthan, India. She kicked off her career in the Punjabi Industry with her debut movie in 2016 whose title was Kaptaan. She has also done a Bollywood movie ‘Firangi’.She has a family of 5 which include her parents and siblings. Her father is Malkit Singh, the mother is Amarjit Singh and has a younger sister Sonika Gill and younger brother Jasneil Gill. Monica Gill is the winner of the ‘Miss India USA 2013’ as well as ‘Miss India Worldwide 2014’. Her biography tells about her marriage with husband Mr. Sahota.