Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathyaran Da Trailer : High Octane Action Thriller

By Sonia Khanna | October 25, 2019

The much awaited trailer of the forthcoming movie Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathyaran Da is out today. As promised, it displays the excellence of high-octane action, thrill, and drama. Furthermore, the impelling story of four people intends to bring exhilaration to screen.

Directed by Sagar S. Sharma, the movie comprises Deep Joshi, Preet Baath, Mahira Hora, and Sidhi Ahuja in the lead roles. It is a crime-thriller and demonstrates the life of four men hired by a rigorous politician. They work for him and undertake the latter’s illegal felony and extortion projects.

After some incident, they realize their misapprehensions, and head on to a path of truth and sincerity. But little did they know, it is even more dangerous. The plot showcases the struggle of these men who fight out to set free themselves from the evil crime world. Throughout the trailer, loud rounds of firing are heard and seen. Therefore, it is both loud and power-punch movie.

Talking about the extended star cast, each one of them have proved their mettle in the industry before. They look experienced, robust, and believable in their  respective characters. Though it may seem fierce or dark, the movie is sure to make an impact. Mark your calendars, the release date is 8th November 2019. We’re looking forward to it. How about you?

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