Maninder Buttar(Singer)

maninder buttar punjabi singer male

Maninder Buttar real name is Maninderjeet Singh. His nickname is ‘Mannu’. Maninder Buttar’s date of birth is August 1 and his Wikipedia contains no such details related to his family. He belongs to Kalannwali City district Sirsa, Haryana. Maninder Buttar is very talented because he is a part of various fields. He sings, acts and is a music composer also. In 2012, Maninder Buttar’s debut album ‘Naaran Te Sarkaran’ released. In 2014, Maninder Buttar’s song ‘Yaari’ released and it was a super hit track. Other major hits like ‘Viah’, ‘Sakhiyan’, ‘Jamila’ and many more have great number of views on YouTube. And, these songs are a part of Maninder Buttar’s composition.