Learn Punjabi Language through Hindi

By Sonia Khanna | October 16, 2019

If you’re looking to learn Punjabi language in the easiest way, this article is for you.

learn punjabi language

An Indo-Aryan language Punjabi is spoken majorly in Punjab. The language gained the recognition when it is used initially in composing the holy Gurbani. Further, during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh the language attained the relative popularity among the masses.

Today, Punjabi has become one of the leading languages not only in India but several parts of the world. Advancement in the media, communication, and technology has significantly diminished the language barriers across the globe. Moreover, now people are not limited to their native language, instead they aspire to expand their horizons in the field. Keeping it in view, we have enlisted the contemporary way of learning the language in context with Hindi alphabets. It will assist all those people who’re eyeing to learn how to read and write the language.

Punjabi Language Basics

Besides India, you can find Punjabi speakers in Singapore, Kenya, Canada, UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Thus, speaking the language may turn out to be easier than writing. People wish to write Punjabi but they’re reluctant and think it’s difficult in crafting the Punjabi letters. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with Punjabi letter writing, pronunciation, and intonation from Hindi language.

It has 35 alphabets in total, thus it is called ‘Painti Akhri‘. Each character displays its own sound.

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Learn Punjabi Language through Hindi

Punjabi and Hindi alphabets are quite similar. Instead, Punjabi language is reckoned as the complete language since it has a long list of alphabets pertaining to every form of sound. For instance, the sound of alphabet ਙ & ਞ are not available in Hindi Varnmaala. Therefore, Punjabi language is more extensive.

Read on the following Punjabi alphabets and understand the connection with the Hindi language. It is more or less is closely related to Hindi language.

ਓ = उ
ਅ = ਅ
ੲ = इ
ਸ = स 
ਹ = ह
ਕ = क
ਖ = ख
ਗ = ग 
ਘ = घ
ਙ = Blank
ਚ = च
ਛ = छ
ਜ = ज 
ਝ = झ
ਞ = Blank
ਟ = ट 
ਠ = ठ 
ਡ = ड 
ਢ = ढ 
ਣ = ण
ਤ = त 
ਥ = थ 
ਦ = द
ਧ = ध 
ਨ = न
ਪ = प
ਫ = फ 
ਬ = ब 
ਭ = भ
ਮ = म
ਯ = य
ਰ = र 
ਲ = ल 
ਵ = व
ੜ = ड़

Punjabi and Hindi Vowel Difference

You can check below the mere difference between Punjabi and Hindi vowels. The sounds of the alphabets are exactly the same and complementing.

आ – ਆ
इ – ਇ
ई – ਈ
कु – ਕੁ
कू – ਕੂ
सो – ਸੋ
सौ – ਸੌ

To recapitulate it, learning the Punjabi alphabet is quite essential owing to its structure and usage in day-to-day conversation. Hence, there are few words such as (car) (road) (sofa) (roti) which are similar in writing and sound. Also, you will not be able to say those words effectively unless you know how to write those words. Furthermore, it will help you in pronouncing the Punjabi language better.

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