Kudessan – Not Just a Movie… But a Movement !

By Harpreet Singh | March 6, 2015

“Kudessan” – A Film By Jeet Matharu is Releasing Today 6th March 2015. The movie is based on the concept of human trafficking in north india , The movie is derived from the play named “KUDESSAN” written by jatinder brar. In this movie Sukhbir Singh, Pakhi Hegde, Nirmal Rishi and Jeet Matharru are in lead roles of Pala Singh, Ganga, Pala’s first wife(jeeto) and Shera(a truck driver) respectively. Producers are Suresh Varsani & Jeet Matharru.The movie consists of seven songs composed by Ashutosh Singh and sung by Pappi Gill, Devi, Kailash Kher, Ahan Shah and Shahid as the the playback singers.This movie will be released under banner of reel entertainment company U.K. This movie was selected for the world premiere and was also screened at the first Punjabi International Film Festival at Toronto which was held in May 2012.

In this story , middle-aged Punjabi man, Pala Singh and his first wife has two daughters, but pala singh wants the male child.so in oder to fullfil his desire of having male child,he bought twenty-year-old girl named Ganga from Bihar.The truth of women life who are victims of human trafficking is shown in this movie

Why to see ?
To know the message hidden in this movie you must see this movie, moreover such movie are very rare in film industry .Punjabi film industry and audience must appriciate this type of movies, so that such evils like human trafficking could be removed from the earth.This movie is totally dedicated to women community. There is nothing wrong in saying that this movie KUDESSAN is not Just a Movie… But a Movement!

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