Kawela Full Movie

By Gurpreet Kaur | May 7, 2021

Kawela full movie is a mind-boggling psychological drama-thriller. Moreover, it revolves around an old village in Punjab haunted by evil spirits, ghosts, and superstitions. Next, a sub-inspector from the village decides to unleash the mystery behind the mysterious activities happening in the village. On the investigation, he stumbles upon several strange aspects associated with the village and its people. How he resolves the case forms the rest of the story. Besides the captivating plot, the film features Mahbir Bhullar, Harp Farmer, Chander Kalra, and Shehnaaz Gill in central roles. Also, Amanjit Singh Brar serves as the director of the Punjabi film. While Harm Farmer Pictures produces it. Furthermore, Gurmoh and Gavy Sidhu take up the charge for the soul-stirring music.  If you haven’t watched Kawela film yet, the Punjabi movie online in HD is now available for the viewers for FREE.

Kawela Full Movie

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