Jind Mahi Movie Review: Harry & Laado’s Love Story Fails To Impress!

By Gurpreet Kaur | August 9, 2022

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Jind Mahi Review

The new Punjabi movie Jind Mahi has hit theatres recently. Furthermore, it features Ardab Mutiyaran fame Jodi Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria in lead roles. Next, the film is directed by Sameer Pannu and written by Manmord Singh Sidhu. The Jind Mahi trailer had already won hearts. However, read on to know what two-hour-ten-minute romantic/drama showcased.

jind mahi review

Story Scan

The movie revolves around urban guy Harry (Ajay Sarkaria) and desi Laado (Sonam Bajwa). They both are based in the UK. While Harry leads a gloomy and stressful life, Laado is completely happy-go-lucky. After a few encounters, Harry falls in love with Laado when the latter endeavors to transform his personality into a better and more cheerful person. As soon as he decides to express his love for Laado, Gurnaam Bhullar enters the plot. And now, it turns out to be a love triangle. Watch the film to know further details.

Performance Pitch

Sonam Bajwa takes the bow for her flawless acting. She is impeccable as laado. From her dialect, attitude, to personality, she looks fab. On the other hand, Ajay Sarkaria performs decently. He could have done better owing to his talent par excellence. Lastly, Gurnam Bhullar made a substantial contribution in his short character role. Besides them, the supporting cast has done their part well.

Dialogues & Direction

Talking about the dialogues, they will make you laugh and be emotional. Especially, Laado’s dialogues are amazing, connective, humorous, and tickle hearts. While direction falls flat in addition to absurd narration towards the end. Furthermore, the screenplay goes topsy-turvy in the middle of the plot.


The soulful music of the movie serves as the savior. The title track, Shiddat, and Wafa are quite soul-stirring. Moreover, the credits go to Oye Kunaal, Goldboy, and Desi Crew for incredible music. While Raahi, Farmaan, Youngveer, and Mandeep Mavi pen down great lyrics.

Vital Verdict

It is an emotional and heart-warming love story, but the underplayed narration makes it an average watch.

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